What an awesome interview with a wise, witty, and wonderful host! These three amigos are magicians as they banter back and forth making 2 hours completely disappear as they mesmerize you with music, and regale you with insightful interviews and clever comebacks that will leave you laughing til it hurts!! Listen to the show and get to know Billy and the Commodore to a certain degree , better than you did before!

To a Certain Degree

This episode was recorded on January 28, 2018, on WPRK FM. You can listen to the entire interview here and also subscribe via Apple or Google.

There’s a joy to live music, good food, and a great party. If you drew out a Venn diagram of those three things, the KitchenKillaz would be at the center.

Billy, the Commodore, Shelly, and the team have been touring kitchens in Florida, bringing a unique experience to celebrations – for free – to spread the word about the band. The audience is not just the attendees, they perform live on Facebook three nights a week including from the Friday night party.

This episode brings a little bit of that experience to your ears, so grab some tasty treats and listen up!

Some of the places to track down the KitchenKillaz:

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